Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beware the water in Prague...

I am still downloading the 900 pictures we took in Prague...    So meanwhile, a quick lesson learned while dining out in Prague!

Who would have thought that the water in Prague cost more than beer, wine, or soda??     I ordered a large bottle of water with dinner one night when I found some yummy Italian wine...   this would be normal in any other European country and I completely didn't look at the price on the menu.   When the bill came, I learned that the bottle cost $10 US dollars...    I started looking at the price of water at restaurants compared to street vendors or markets.   I don't know if they import the water from a hidden spring in Russia, but I thought it was hilarious that the water was more than 2-3 cocktails!!  ;)   There was another time I ordered a water with a beer at a cafe, and I should have had this revelation when the water was a shot in a bottle and cost as much as the beer.......

Note to self:  buy water at the market and carry it with you even if you are out to dinner on a budget!!  


  1. I am glad it was beware of the cost, and not beware because your stomach got upset!