Friday, August 20, 2010

Did we make our budget of $150 for 3 days...??

Ok, so we went a little over our budget....

We spent $230 (with train tickets) which is still pretty good!   We had a few things that put us over the top.   I had a nightmare that I ordered a bottle of water that was $10....  oh yea, we did.    Another way to save is to buy single tickets for the rail system.   You really don't need a 3 day pass for the train/tram/bus.   Including the airport transfers, we only rode the rail system 4 times and at a $1 a ride, we could have saved about 20 dollars.   This being said, a couple times I wasn't sure where you could buy a 1 way pass especially for the tram.  By the way, we got checked 2 times for our tickets.    I was aware this could happen, but one time the guy was in plain clothes and his "license" is a metal type coin attached to his belt!    Not what I was expecting!

We probably could have cut back on the beer, but what fun would that of been?  This picture was taken at the Strahov Monastery.   One of my favorite places!   It did cost a little more for food and drink, but the views were worth every penny.  

The food was usually pretty reasonable in price, but it is all so rich in flavor that you will eat less than you expect.   The summer market in Old Town Square was a great resource for local cuisine...  You could buy kielbasa, chicken kabobs, crepes and other local favorites for $2-5.   

These were open whenever we went buy and you could buy local souvenirs and handmade jewelry.
  Look at the blacksmith and his children... adorable!    The people watching on Old Town Square was phenomenal...   Watch out for the homeless people digging through trash!    They will eat whatever they find right in front of you...  ;)   More on the hot spots to check out in my next post!

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